FitMusicStudio is my teaching studio. In recent years the focus of my guitar musicianship teaching has shifted from all levels to intermediate and above. Fitness, injury prevention and performance wellness are thoroughly integrated into the learning environment, regardless of style, idiom or genre. All too often, musicians’ concern for fitness in musicianship ranges from indifference to scorn; but my perspective is that you make music with your entire body, no matter which body parts actually come into contact with the instrument. It’s an ancient concept that for the most part only appears in Western musicianship in marching bands. At FitMusicStudio, this concept informs how I share what I know on these and other areas of guitar musicianship:



Cross-cultural Collaboration (Especially with but not limited to Hindustani, Carnatic and Arabic classical players)

Plectrum Mechanics™ — Advanced and extended plectrum techniques

Nylon string strategies for plectrum steel string players

Taking inspiration from instruments other than the guitar (including its Middle Eastern and South Asian ancestors)


Managing fatigue

The physical emphasis here is on “listening to your body” — nurturing healthy practice and performing habits. For in-depth advice on workouts, exercise equipment, auditioning or hiring a personal trainer, etc., check out Calibrating the Musical Body.


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Guitar musicianship is offered in Triangle/Triad North Carolina in person and elsewhere by Skype. For information on schedule, fees, and process click here.